Sprinkler Systems
​In Lethbridge and Southern Alberta
We at All Terrain Landscaping can design the perfect sprinkler system for your property, making sure that all areas are addressed for their specific water needs. We put in full systems quickly and carefully so that you don’t even have to worry about the disruption to your property or your time at home. We’ll install everything your property needs:

  • Water lines – underground
  • Sprinkler Heads – a variety of styles to suit all your plant needs
  • Controllers – Now offering Wifi Controllers, allowing you to opperate your sprinkler system from your phone or tablet anywhere you are, even on vacation.

Whether you want to free up some leisure time in that busy schedule, or want to make sure your lawns and gardens stay healthy while you’re away, automatic systems are the hassle-free way to do it!
Underground sprinklers
Make sure the grass is always greenest on your own side of the fence! With automatic sprinkler systems you’ll ensure your home is surrounded by lush, green lawns and trees and healthy gardens for the entire growing season, without having to lift a finger.